James E. Patrick!

Business Leader / CEO / Executive Chairman

Jim Patrick

James E. Patrick!

Business Leader / CEO / Executive Chairman

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Jim Patrick

Meet James E. Patrick!

Business Leader / CEO / Executive Chairman

Jim Patrick is an avid sportsman and business leader with a background in law, investment, and healthcare consulting. He earned an LLM, or, Masters of Law degree in Taxation from the University of San Diego. Licensed in 4 states, Jim Patrick established a practice in New York, California, and Florida.

As it turns out, he would not be limited to practicing law as he went on to help build several successful businesses in the healthcare industry where he exercises his considerable expertise and business acumen. Today, he is known primarily for his role as a healthcare executive. His accomplishments include being a 2011 Ernst & Young Award Winner. The prestigious, Entrepreneur of The Year in Healthcare for The State of Florida was also awarded to him as a testament to his ability.


Full Name

James E. Patrick!


01 Jan, 1970 - U.S.A



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University of San Diego

University of San Diego 1994 - 1996

LLM (Master of Laws) in Taxation, Corporations,Partnerships, International Tax

Union College

Doctor of Law (JD), Corporate Law, Tax, Business, Real Estate, Antitrust, 1983 - 1986

Activities and Societies: Antitrust Moot Court Team, Student Counsel, Captain of ALS Rugby

Boston University

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Psychology, Philosophy, 1978 - 1982

Activities and Societies: Captain of BU Football, All East, All Conference, Honorable Mention All American. Cum Laude Graduate.


CEO & Executive Chairman at CutisCare

CEO & Executive Chairman at -CutisCare

Jim Patrick has been the CEO of national leading healthcare companies for over 20 years.

He currently serves as CEO and Executive Chairman at CutisCare, a highly respected business that offers flexible, customized solutions to develop comprehensive wound care and hyperbaric medicine programs throughout the United States.

These customized solutions are a credit to the industry as a whole and ultimately provide people with exceptional care. CutisCare has rapidly evolved into the leading outsourced wound care solution in the United States. By providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and wound care solutions, countless patients have benefitted from a more efficient healing process and superior care.

CutisCare has established itself as the number one source for hospitals looking for more efficient ways to outsource wound care and expand their range of services. At the center of CutisCare’s meteoric rise is Jim Patrick as his exemplary leadership and direction have ensured its continued success for patients and healthcare providers alike.


Founding Shareholders of CutisCare -Acquired Oxyheal

They also provide comprehensive consulting programs to help develop or expand wound care and hyperbaric medicine programs with select clients. Jim and his wife, Donna Patrick became founding shareholders of CutisCare in 2016 as the couple acquired Oxyheal which was originally based in California. After the acquisition, they promptly moved the company to their current location in Boca Raton, Florida where it continued to flourish.

Served as Founding Shareholders

Served as Founding Shareholders For -National Healing Corporation

Jim and Donna Patrick also served as founding shareholders for National Healing Corporation in 1996. The company gained a reputation for being a patient-driven healthcare company with full-service clinical programs for acute care hospital outpatient departments of all sizes. These programs also benefited countless physician practices and vascular clinics seeking to expand their patient base for wound care.

As a founding shareholder, general counsel, and COO at National Healing Corporation, Jim Patrick earned his position as CEO of the company in 2000. National Healing Corporation rose from a clinical hyperbaric medicine program at Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida, to over 200 clinical programs located throughout 40 states by 2011. Much of the company’s incredible growth rate can be attributed to Jim Patrick’s skills, ambitious drive, and leadership abilities.

Steadfast Leadership at CutisCare

Jim Patrick Steadfast Leadership at -CutisCare

Likewise, under his steadfast leadership at CutisCare, the hyperbaric medicine service rapidly developed into one of the fastest-growing and most highly respected companies in its class. His leadership abilities come from a formidable education coupled with a strong ambitious drive.

In the CutisCare acquisition of OxyHeal in 2016, Jim partnered with Bison Capital, a leading middle market investment bank with concentration in healthcare services and offices in New York and California. As CEO of National Healing, we partnered with other world class investment and financial organizations including Morgan Stanley Investment Partners, Scale Ventures, MetalMark Capital, GE Capital.


Website: www.cutiscareusa.com
Email: Patrick@cutiscareusa.com

Shared Success With Wife

Jim Patrick Shares Success With -his wife

Of course, he shares his success with his wife, Donna Patrick who has played a critical role behind the scenes. Together, the couple has built profitable businesses and prosperous lives.

Always appreciative of his wife’s efforts, Jim Patrick has included her in many major decisions as her expertise has led to the acquisition of several key hires. While Donna Patrick has never been formally employed by National Healing Corporation or CutisCare, she played a crucial role behind the scenes in helping these companies source top executive talent without missing a beat.

She was also instrumental in developing the first independent clinic model for wound care and hyperbaric services in the South Florida area. This model was used through a company that they formed with PE investors called RegenQuest.

Although Jim and Donna Patrick eventually sold RegenQuest, Donna played a key role in cultivating a productive corporate culture. Her contributions included naming, branding, office design, furnishing, logo, and color scheme development. She also organized and managed all of the office parties and functions with great success.

Reputable Business Leader

Reputable Business Leader -Jim Patrick

Aside from his reputation as a reputable business leader, Jim Patrick is an avid and accomplished sportsman. As a humble master of fly fishing, hunting, and sporting clays, he relishes the competition as much as the sense of adventure. It is this rugged zest for sports coupled with his refinement as a businessman and investor that makes him unique.

Successful Investor

Successful Investor -Successful Hunter

Being a successful investor has much in common with being a successful hunter. Success in either endeavor requires many of the same qualities and Jim Patrick has them all. His unique ability to sense an opportunity and take action is something to applaud.

Jim and Donna are investors in Savor Health (www.savorhealth.com) and Jim is a member of the Board. Savor Health is a digital healthcare company working with pharmaceutical companies, payors, and other disease management companies providing personal nutritional and meal/dietary strategies to patients through a customizable and proprietary IT platform.

Successful Businessman & Avid Sportsman

Jim Patrick As Successful Businessman & -Avid Sportsman

In addition to being a successful businessman and avid sportsman, Jim Patrick is also a highly accomplished mountain climber. With 56 mountains exceeding a height of 14,000 feet, Colorado is one of his favorite mountain climbing destinations. Only 2 other states have mountains that are over 14,000 feet tall and those that do only have a few of them. Jim Patrick takes a group of his closest friends on mountain climbing trips every year.

They train for the hike year-round and go with a trusted guide that they have known for a decade. These hikes make for unforgettable experiences and a strong sense of accomplishment.

Jim Patrick Professional Life

Jim Patrick -Professional Life

Jim Patrick is a mountain climber in more ways than one. In his professional life, he has turned small companies into successful giants that are just as magnificent as the peaks of Mount Elbert, Colorado’s tallest mountain.

Looking ahead, Jim Patrick has many more mountains to climb, both physically and in terms of business. With an eye for lucrative opportunities, it will be exciting to see what he pursues next. One thing is for certain, when he puts his mind to it, he’s bound to get what he’s aiming for.

Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Jim Patrick can count themselves lucky. Such enterprising yet compassionate individuals are becoming increasingly rare.



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